Staying at home is a great opportunity to expand our knowledge and skills!!

Learn HOW through Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)!

We are going through a period, due to CoronaVirus COVID-19, that we all have to stay home for our own and others protection.

This time at home is a great opportunity to invest in ourselves, learn new things and enhance our employablity. And learning is easier than ever before. Through the internet you can have easy access to a big number of Online Courses also known as Massive Open Online Cources (MOOCs)

What are these Online Courses? 

MOOCs are courses delivered online and accessible to all for FREE

MOOC stands for massive open online course:

  • Massive because enrollments are unlimited and can run into hundreds of thousands.
  • Open because anyone can enroll — that is, there is no admission process.
  • Online because they are delivered via the internet.
  • Course because their goal is to teach a specific subject.

MOOCs typically comprise video lessons, readings, assessments, and discussion forums

And everything accessible online through your phone or computer! 

Who offers these Online Courses?

Most MOOCs are offered by Universities, as well as some from companies such as Microsoft or Google

Where can I look for them? 

Even though the Courses are created by Universities, the courses are distributed through Course Providers such as: Coursera, EdX, Udemy, FutureLearn, Udacity and others. 

When can I start an Online Course?

This depends on the course. Some you can start at any time. Other courses have specific starting dates (this can be every few weeks or months). Some happen once and then after a while or never again. However, there are so many courses available by topic so that you can find the one that is best for you. 

Are there deadlines to complete the Course?

For some courses, once you enrol the material are all available to you and you can progress as fast or slow as you want. Other courses follow a schedule with assignments and deadlines. But even when they involve a schedule, MOOCs remain flexible: you study when it suits you best, day or night.

How long is each course? 

MOOCs range in length from 1 to 16 weeks. Most provide an estimate of the weekly time commitment, although this may vary significantly from one student to another.

Interested to learn more and find a course?

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