All our candidates are persons who have been granted International Protection. This is a very diverse group of people who are entitled to reside and work legally in Cyprus, holding skills and qualifications which enable them to re-build their lives in their new country.

Refugees bring new skills and cultural diversity to their host communities and to the organisations they join. They are highly motivated to work and succeed to support themselves, to improve their lives and the lives of their families.

Currently, candidates registered on the HelpRefugeesWork Platform, are interested to work in more than 25 sectors of the economy and in over 200 different professions. See below the TOP 10 Preferred Sectors by our candidates.

Over 500 candidates, are currently registered on the HRW Platform, available to work in full time and part time positions in the different districts of the Republic of Cyprus. See below the availability of candidates to work per district in Cyprus.

Since 2018 when the HRW Platform was launched, there have been over 600 applications for employment for over 250 job posts. From those, over 280 applications have been shortlisted by employers. Participation in training opportunities has also been high, with over 700 referrals to various training providers.

After multiple positive results ending up in employment or participation in training activities, but also for those not as successful, the overall feedback from both employers and candidates has been overwhelmingly positive. The importance and the benefits of fruitful interactions between employers, training providers and refugee candidates has been highlighted by all users of the platform.


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Refugee community in Cyprus deserves a better chance to employment. Local society has a lot to benefit from the professional potential carried by refugees and HRW is committed to pursue this goal.

Join this effort in order to improve employment prospects of refugees while conveying a strong message of solidarity and willingness to constructively address the challenges of our times.

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