HelpRefugeesWork brings together job-seeking refugees with employers and training providers.
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ABOUT HelpRefugeesWork

We aim to connect job-seeking refugees with employers and organizations interested in providing job skills.  

HelpRefugeesWork is an innovative and free web service that brings motivated refugee job-seekers in contact with employers and training providers in Cyprus in an easy and efficient manner. HelpRefugeesWork is an initiative of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Office in Cyprus, in collaboration with its NGO partner, the Cyprus Refugee Council.

All services provided by HelpRefugeesWork are free of charge.

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Latest News

CORONAVIRUS - OGEYSIIS MUHIIM AH: Tallaabooyin taageero si wax looga qabto dhibaatooyinka coronavirus

 - Ma leedahay shirkad ay dawladdu ku khasbeysay inay joojiso shaqooyinka oo dhan, sababtoo ah coronavirus?

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كورونا فيروس: إعلان هام: تدابير الدعم لمعالجة آثار فيروس كورونا


هل تمتلك شركة كانت الحكومة ملزمة بوقف جميع الأعمال بسبب فيروس كورونا؟

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CORONAVIRUS - ANNONCE IMPORTANTE: Mesures de soutien pour lutter contre les effets du coronavirus

- Dirigez-vous une entreprise qui a été obligée par le gouvernement d'arrêter tous ses travaux en raison du coronavirus?

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CORONAVIRUS - IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Support measures to address the effects of coronavirus

- Do you own a company which was obliged by the government to stop all works, due to coronavirus? 

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فيروس كورونا: اكتشف إذا كنت شخصًا سريع التأثر. قد تحتاج إلى العمل من المنزل أو التقدم بطلب للحصول على ميزة المرض الخاصة

توضيحات جديده من وزاره الصحه بخصوص مجموعات سريعة التأثر:

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Refugees often arrive with valuable skills and professional qualifications that can be beneficial to the local society.

HelpRefugeesWork is committed to helping refugees in Cyprus gain access to employment. In this way they can become financially independent, support their families, and become valuable members of society.


Join us in pursuing this goal.


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