Are you a refugee in Cyprus and looking for work or training opportunities?

Use this platform to create your profile so that employers and training providers can find you. You can apply for jobs, find out about training opportunities that may interest you, and receive news and updates.

Help Refugees Work is a web platform created to support refugees' efforts to find work and rebuild
their lives in Cyprus. We want refugees to have access to more employment and training opportunities, to develop
their talents and fulfill their aspirations.

If you have refugee status or you are a beneficiary of subsidiary protection living in Cyprus, you can register and
use this platform for free.

HelpRefugeesWork helps you to find and communicate directly with interested employers. By registering
on this platform  you can also receive notifications by email or SMS about new job advertisements and training
opportunities that match your requirements.

Get personal support! We are happy to advise you on any job-related issues you may face.

For interview tips, legal advice, any question regarding your documents and qualifications, please contact us.



  • The HelpRefugeesWork Platform allows you to apply for jobs directly through the system. By submitting a job application, you are sharing your professional CV containing certain personal information, with potential employers. You can find the full list of personal data collected by HelpRefugeesWork, in the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy of the website (links).
  • Application for training opportunities are not performed through the HelpRefugeesWork Platform. However, it is advisable to be cautious when sharing your personal information with a training provider.

NOTE:By submitting an application for work through the HelpRefugeesWork platform, you will be sharing your professional profile, containing certain personal information, with the potential employer. You can find the full list of personal data collected and shared, in the Terms of Use of the website.

How our platform works


You can register with an e-mail address and a user name


Provide information about your professional experience, your skills and the job you are looking for.


You can search for vacancies and use filters to find the job that suits your needs. For example you can search
for a specific type of work in a specific area.


If you find interesting job offers, you can easily contact the employers and forward your profile to them.




  • I am waiting for a decision on my asylum application. Can I use the platform?


    The HelpRefugeesWork platform is only for persons who have refugee status, subsidiary protection or Temporary Protection (Ukrainians) in the Republic
    of Cyprus.

    It is not possible to register if you reside in Cyprus as an asylum-seeker, or under any other status, for
    example, EU citizenship, working visa, student visa or tourist visa.

    It is not possible to register if you have refugee status or other form of protection granted in another


    You will need to upload a photo of either your Recognition Letter, or Residence Permit (ID), or receipt of  applying/renewing your residence permit (ID), in order to use the platform.

    As a job-seeker, you will come in contact with employers who will want to make sure that they can
    hire you. It will be important for you to present the documents that prove your status as a refugee or a
    beneficiary of subsidiary protection or Temporary Protection Holder to your future employer.

    Such documents include: the letter you received informing  you that you have been granted international
    protection  and your Residence Permit (ID card).


    Having refugee status or  subsidiary protection or Temporary Protection, allows you to work under the  same conditions that
    apply for Cypriot citizens.


    No. HelpRefugeesWork aims to connect refugees with employers and training providers operating in the Republic of Cyprus only.

    NOTE: Please remember that working legally in another country requires you to apply and secure an appropriate visa/permit by that country’s authorities.


    It depends on whether or not it is a regulated profession in Cyprus. You can find the list with all the regulated
    professions in Cyprus,

    If your profession is regulated you will need to apply for registration with the appointed professional
    body, as indicated in the above list. Each professional body has set conditions to be met by applicants
    in order to approve their registration. Such conditions might include greek language use requirements, academic qualifications, previous
    work experience, and practical training.

    If your profession is not regulated, you can practice it immediately without further restrictions.

    If you have any further inquiries about practicing your profession in Cyprus, please contact us.


    If you have refugee status or  subsidiary protection, you can participate in vocational trainings under the same
    conditions that apply to Cypriot citizens. Under the section “Training Programs” in this platform
    you can find out about available training opportunities. By creating a profile in the platform, you can stay
    informed about training programs that match your needs.

    NOTE: Some training programs are available for free, while others require fees. If you are unemployed and
    registered with the Labour Office, you can ask for a training referral document. With this document you
    can apply to participate in one training program per year for free, provided that it is eligible for
    subsidization by Human Resources Development Authority (HRDA or ΑΝΑΔ).


    Vocational training is provided by a large number of public and private organizations, such as colleges, training
    institutions, consulting companies, NGOs and local authorities.

    Human Resources Development Authority of Cyprus (HRDA or ΑΝΑΔ) and the
    Cyprus Productivity Centre (CPC or ΚΕΠΑ) are two major sources of fully or partially subsidized
    training programs.


    Vocational training programs cover a wide array of subjects, professions and skills, ranging from
    basic levels to specialized topics.


    Vocational training is provided by a large number of public and private organizations, such as colleges, training
    institutions, consulting companies, and local authorities.

    The majority of vocational trainings in Cyprus are provided in Greek. However, a substantial number of programs are offered
    in English. 


You can find important clarifications and useful information on your rights and obligations as a refugee in Cyprus,
by visiting the HELP platform developed by UNHCR