Are you an employer interested in adding new talent and more diversity to your workforce?

HelpRefugeesWork brings you in contact with motivated candidates in a direct and efficient manner. Register for free, show your support for an important humanitarian cause, and increase your visibility.

Refugees are people with skills and professions who have been forced to flee their homes, and are eager to quickly re-build their lives in new countries. They are highly motivated to work, to support themselves and to succeed, in order to improve their lives and the lives of their families.

Refugees bring new skills and cultural diversity to their host communities, and to the organisations and companies they join. Refugees want nothing more than to have a normal life again. Offering them job opportunities can therefore be a real win for your company’s growth and success.  

HelpRefugeesWork encourages businesses operating in Cyprus to contribute to the integration of refugees into the economic, social and cultural fabric of this wonderful country.
The platform provides you with a free tool that facilitates direct and effective communication with a diverse pool of refugees who can become part of your company’s success.

Your role is crucial. 

HelpRefugeesWork invites you to enrich your business with new talents and capacities, and contribute to shaping a more tolerant and inclusive society. 
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How our platform works

Your registration on the platform is free and easy. You can register with an e-mail address and a user name

Provide useful information about your business to a wide and diverse audience. The information will remain accessible by users of the platform for as long as you wish

Publish your job vacancy so that suitably qualified candidates who meet your criteria are notified by email and SMS

Receive applications from skilled professionals, identify the best candidates and notify them instantly about your decision.



  • Are refugees eligible to work in Cyprus?

    Yes. Persons who have refugee status or subsidiary protection have full access to the Republic of Cyprus labour market, to vocational training and qualification accreditation, under the exact same conditions that apply for nationals, immediately upon receiving  international protection status.

    Note: Often, in both official and unofficial settings, as well as in the media, the terms“refugee” and “asylum-seeker” are used interchangeably. Asylum-seekers are individuals who have applied for asylum, but have not received a final decision yet on their application. While waiting for that decision to be made, asylum-seekers have restricted access to the labour market, and special procedures and criteria apply in order to be employed.

    Because of these restrictions, asylum-seekers are not included within the scope of the HelpRefugeesWork platform.