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Registering with HelpRefugeesWork ensures that information about your training and education programmes will reach new and diverse groups of motivated people who are looking for training opportunities.

It is widely recognized that the development and upgrade of labor-related skills is of great importance to job-seekers and professionals with a refugee background. HelpRefugeesWork seeks to minimize the current information gap between service providers and refugees allowing for a timely, smooth and mutually beneficial interaction.

If you are offering language and vocational related training services to job-seekers in Cyprus, you are invited to register on HelpRefugeesWork platform.

Your role is crucial! We invite you to set an example of solidarity and sensitivity by providing and promoting your training programme(s), and thus contribute to shaping a more tolerant and inclusive society. 

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How our platform works

Your registration on the platform is free and easy . You can register with an email address and a user name

Increase your visibility by making your organization profile, as well as information related to the services you provide, accessible by a diverse pool of potential participants from the refugee community in Cyprus.

Post information about the training programs provided by your organization, so that interested refugees who meet your eligibility criteria are notified through email and SMS.



  • Are refugees eligible to participate in vocational trainings?

    Yes. Persons who have refugee status or subsidiary protection have full access to the labour market and to vocational training, under the same conditions as nationals, and effective immediately upon receiving their international protection status. 

    NOTE: Often, in both official and unofficial settings, as well as in the media, the terms “refugee” and "asylum seeker" are used interchangeably. Asylum-seekers are individuals who have applied for asylum, but have not received a final decision yet on their application. While waiting for that decision to be made, asylum-seekers have restricted access to the labour market and to State-sponsored vocational training programmes, and special procedures and criteria apply in their case. Because of these restrictions, asylum-seekers are not included within the scope of the HelpRefugeesWork platform.