New employment sectors opened for asylum seekers (updated 19/07/2019)

On 17 May 2019, the Ministry of Labour, Welfare and Social Insurance published the expanded sectors of employment for asylum seekers. Asylum seekers can work after the first month from the date of their asylum application in the specific expanded sectors of economic activity and professions, given that they have an employement contract stamped by the Labour Department to a specific employer. 

Please note that, an updated version of the decree was published on July 7th (from the original issued May 10th) to include the following points:

  • The employers' will have to have settled their responsibilities towards the Social Insurance Services, regarding their contributions and offering employers liability insurance to every employee for accident or work-related illness.  
  • Third country nationals with work permit for the agricultural/farming sector that apply for asylum, they will be able to only be employed under those sectors. In the case of change of employer, a disengagement document will have to be signed. 

You can find the original document in Greek here. And the translated sectors in English below. 

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