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METAdrasi - Action for Migration and Development
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METAdrasi is a Greek, internationally recognized for its work, Civil Society Organization, which was founded in 2010 with the primary aim to cover long-term gaps in the reception and integration of refugees and migrants in Greece. Most of its activities are innovative and have been and implemented for the first time in Greece.

METAdrasi is the only Organization in Greece that has designed and implemented, since its foundation, an organized system of training, certification and coordination of interpretation requests from all over Greece. The Organization’s team of 350 active, trained interpreters helps in communication between refugees and public authorities (Asylum and First Reception Service, hospitals, schools, etc.), carrying out interpretation sessions in more than 80 languages and dialects, either through physical presence or through tele-conference, at locations throughout Greece (Reception and Identification Centres, Asylum Service, camps, etc.).

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Interpreters Training Seminar
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Call for applications for persons who are recognized refugees and are fluent in English and/or Greek to attend a free Training Seminar, in order to be employed as METAdrasi’s Interpreters in Cyprus and (with remote work) in Greece.

The training is offered free of charge. It lasts 10 days (60 hours) and will be held online.

If you wish to apply to participate in the training seminar, you need to fill in the following application form:

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10 Days
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The training is offered free of charge and will be help online.