Eligibility for the Government Support Measures

Special Unemployment Allowance

If you are registered as unemployed in the Labour Office throughout the month of January 2021, you have already received unemployment benefit and you have not left Cyprus since March 2020, you can apply for a Special Allowance of € 500 for a period of one month. 

Please note that you cannot get this allowance for any period you receive unemployment benefit, sickness allowance, maternity allowance, paternity allowance, statutory pension or any other allowance from the Covid-19 support Plans.

Applications will be available online at the end of January.


Special Leave Allowance for purposes of Childcare

If you are currently employed in a business which does not participate in the covid-19 support schemes of the government, and:

i.              You are responsible for the care of children up to 15 years old and/ or children with disabilities of any age,

ii.             there is no childcare provision for your family, and

iii.            you cannot work either part-time or from home or with flexible hours,

You might be eligible to receive the Special Leave Allowance for purposes of childcare.

NOTE: Your employer needs to apply, so please inform him/her about this provision.

This allowance covers the 60% of the salary, up to a maximum of € 1,214 euro, for a period of one month.

This allowance may be granted for up to 3 weeks in total for both parents, and is calculated in proportion to the days that they will receive it.

Please note that if one parent receives the allowance, the other parent cannot receive it for the same period.


Special Leave Allowance for persons in risk of serious illness from Covid-19  

If you have a health condition which is included in this list of patients with risk factors for serious illness from COVID -19 published by the Ministry of Health and you are currently working, you might be eligible for a Special Allowance for Work Absence.

The purpose of the allowance is to allow employed persons with health issues to protect themselves from Covid-19 and stay home without losing their job.

NOTE: The application for this Allowance is needs to be made by your employer. Your employer must not participate in other Covid-29 support Schemes of The Ministry of Labour.

  1. You need to hold a report from your Personal Doctor as to the nature of your illness.
  2. Your employer needs to certify that due to the nature of the job, you cannot work from home, or without being in contact with public.

For the period for which this allowance will be paid, the employer is released from the obligation to pay your salary.


For more information or help, please contact us at 22205959 or via WhatsApp/VIber at 97767329 or via email at info@helprefugeeswork.org.