Company/Organization Name: 
The I.Q. Partnership
Contact email:
+357 96609721
+357 22028473
Description/Useful Info: 

Headquartered in Nicosia, Cyprus, The I.Q. Partnership was established with the primary goals of offering advanced learning opportunities with a focus on IT/IS subjects; developing and maintaining new technology projects across governmental and private sector; delivering international social welfare initiatives and offering business advisory services industry-wide.

At I.Q. Partnership, we are dedicated to work for and with our clients and partners.

At I.Q. Partnership, quality is of the utmost importance.
To this end, we endeavour to partner with the best in each industry and technical domain.

Training/Seminar Title: 
Accounting for Non-Accountants Online Training
Training/Seminar description: 

Accounting for Non-Accountants is an intensive online training aimed to educate on formal accounting & finance background.

This course focuses to educate on accounting concepts and corporate processes for SME owners, self-employed individuals, managers without a finance background, or anyone planning to start a business.

At the end of the online training, an individual will be able to prepare and analyze financial statements, file accounting documents by their nature, and prepare and complete tax & VAT declarations.


Total Duration: 
19 Hours
Required Languages:
Useful Infο for potential participants: 

Accounting for Non-Accountants Training is HRDA subsidised.  
*Please find the rules and regulations governing HRDA subsidies here. 

The cost for HRDA eligible participants is €222 (+VAT) and for Non-HRDA - €545 (+VAT).

Method of Delivery: 
The Accounting for Non-Accountants Training is delivered ONLINE.

For more information regarding the online training, please check the following link: