Company/Organization Name: 
Indigo Volunteers

Indigo Volunteers directly and efficiently connects volunteers with humanitarian organisations. Our Mission is to amplify the efforts of our partners on their mission to aid displaced communities. 

As long as there are gaps in the systems supporting displaced persons, the grassroots organisations we support will be integral to the wellbeing and support of refugees and migrants all over the world. We work closely with grassroots organisations in Greece, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, France, Cyprus, Lebanon, the UK, Slovakia, Poland and Moldova who are:

  • - Filling basic aid gaps in camps
  • - Running community centres
  • - Administering mobile medical and social support
  • - Providing education
  • - Distributing goods
  • - Providing legal advice
  • - And so much more

Our relationship with grassroots partners is a movement of solidarity. We bring together volunteers and organisations in the hope that someday their services will no longer be necessary.