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ADDITESS -Advanced Integrated Technology Solutions & Services Ltd is a Cyprus-based Small Medium Enterprise (SME) established in 2011. ADDITESS is a scientific, consulting, and research company whose purpose is to conduct theoretical and applied research and to produce studies, at a strategic and tactical level, on issues concerning 

  • Security policies, 
  • Border Management, 
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection, 
  • Cybersecurity,
  • Transportation and Cargo Security.

ADDITESS has developed state of the art applied Security Solutions both hardware or software-based in the above-mentioned areas.  ADDITESS also provides advisory, consulting and solution services to various Government Organizations and to other Public and Private authorities in Cyprus, Europe, or Worldwide, on these same issues. 


Over the last years, ADDITESS invested in establishing the role of the company through strong participation in 22 EU R&D funded projects, FP7, Horizon 2020, and Horizon Europe frameworks, or various National R&D proposals in the fields of Security, ICT, Aeronautics (UAVs), Communications, Transportation, and Environment. 

More recently ADDITESS has participated in EDIDP funding projects promoting with success the Cypriot defense industrial ecosystem.  

ADDITESS SW applications - products:

  1. ADDTask   an incident reporting SW application for critical infrastructure protection
  2. ADDmarine  a client and incident reporting SW application for maritime protection
  3. ADDC3 is a command-and-control SW application for Border Management
  4. ADDC3Mobile / vehicle a mobile Command, Control and Coordination center for i) usage of UAS systems and ii) monitoring and responding to a crisis or security operations.
  5. ADDcsim is a cybersecurity information and data management platform in use by Cyber incident  response teams

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