Company/Organization Name: 
Fork Food Market

The idea is to start a revolution in Cyprus for the thing we love most: food! We want to introduce a new way of providing food, a way that is already established in other countries. That is, to create a food market where anyone will feel welcome to come and have a bite while enjoying music and drinks. We believe that food must be accessible to everyone and we aim to offer quality food at affordable prices.

So we decided to organise Fork Food Market, a mobile food market, which is organized from time to time in different areas and spaces.

We organise 12-15 food markets a year and we have been doing it for 6 years now. Up until now, we were only operating in Nicosia and we have future plans of extending to the whole of Cyprus.

Deadline of application: 
Saturday, February 15, 2020

We look for talented home cooks that can offer quality food. In each food market, approximately 8 vendors have the opportunity to offer their food from mobile stalls. We have created a community of vendors who love food as much as we do, and we what to extend it. Within this community, there are many beautiful collaborations with various chefs and food lovers who are given the opportunity to offer unique and tasty dishes, in this way promoting their work.   Also, participation in our food market creates even more opportunities, as many people get to watch you cook and taste your food.

If you feel you 've got what it takes, just give us a call. The procedure then is quite simple. We meet and try your food and if we believe is of high quality then you join our community and get your turn to participate in our food markets. If it intimidates you, don't worry. Having been doing it for 6 years, we have the experience, knowledge and flexibility to support and advice you.


Important notes:

1. Revenue from sales is all yours

2. We might be able to help with kitchen equipment

3. All vendors (once approved) get equal chances of participating, therefore we rotate everyone

4. We organise 12-15 food markets a year

5. We are very friendly and willing. We want to help you improve and develop your ideas

Required Languages:
Required Qualifications/Skills: 

Love for food!