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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Our client, an International marketing agency is looking for a new team-mate – a Team leader in web-analytics who has STRONG experience with web-analytics tools and is familiar with the structure of the digital marketing market. We expect that you can: set up Google Analytics 360 for (web / android / iOS); formulate hypotheses, collect data, carry out analysis and offer colleagues solutions for improving the quality of web-analytics in the company.

Please see below the main criteria for this role.

Key objectives of the role and responsibilities:

  •  Managing the team of Web analysts;
  • Setting up Google Analytics 360 (web / android / ios);
  • Providing End-to-end analytics: tracking and analysing user behaviour on various platforms;
  • Providing analysis of a large number of metrics from web analytics, marketing, cash and business indicators;
  • Preparing recommendations for optimising and improving the effectiveness of promotional activities;
  • Independently identifying the needs in analytics and find the right answers for the team;
  • Visualising the analytical results in tables, presentations and dashboards;
  • Working with non-standard analytical tasks and complex projects;
Required Languages:
Salary Information: 
Required Qualifications/Skills: 

Required experience and main characteristics of our preferred candidate:

  • Experience in web-analysis up to 3 years and in preparing analytical reviews;
  • Experience with Google Analytics, Firebase, GTM, BQ;
  • Configuring filters, targets, segments, events, custom measurements / metrics + data flow control system;
  • Integrating data from GA / BQ and analytical databases experience;
  • Being responsible for your results, to know how to lead several projects at one time;