Company/Organization Name: 
K.Andreou Gardening

We need help gardener in the province Nicosia

We need a person who is willing to work in gardening, to be fast and have appetite for work. 

-mowing the grass, cleaning lasagna, general cleaning of the garden, willing to learn to use the gardens tools and anything else requested by the person in charge. 

Our job are gardening in various houses every day.

Deadline of application: 
Friday, May 28, 2021

We need an Assistant Gardener, that is willing to work, to be fast and have appetite for work. They are gardenings in various houses every day

-mowing the grass,

-various cleaning

-and whatever else is required of the person in charge of gardening




Required Languages:
Salary Information: 
Required Qualifications/Skills: 

smart,fast and appetite for work