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The IET is one of the largest professional organizations worldwide with over 160,000 members in 127 countries.

The aim of the IET CY LN is to promote engineering values, mentality and knowledge among the community, young professionals and students of all ages.


Το ΙΕΤ είναι ενας απο τους μεγαλύτερους επαγγελματικούς οργανισμούς παγκόσμια με 160 χιλιάδες μέλη σε 127 χώρες.

Ο στόχος του τοπικού δυκτίου του ΙΕΤ είναι να προωθεί τις αρχές μηχανικής και τη γνώση  στην κοινωνία, σε νεαρούς επαγγελματίες και μαθητές όλων των ηλικιών.

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Regulation of Electricity and Natural Gas Markets in Cyprus
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Since mid-1990s, the EU has advanced a programme for the creation of a
liberalized market in energy (electricity and natural gas), which facilitates
commercial and household customers to buy power from the cheapest
supplier. According to the revised EU directives, in fully liberalized
markets, energy producers would be able to sell electricity and natural gas
across national borders through interconnections, increasing competition
and lowering energy prices. This is to force incumbent energy utilities to
become more efficient, encourage new entrants and investment and boost
economic growth across the entire EU. More recently, the debate on
energy objectives has grown to include security of supply, market
integration and socio-economic welfare benefits. In this lecture the
regulatory framework for both electricity and natural gas markets in Cyprus
will be presented. Progress regarding the opening of the Cyprus electricity
market including the harmonization with the EU electricity target model,
electricity tariffs regulation and the integration of renewable energy into the
market will be discussed. The development of Cyprus’s natural gas market
and future challenges will, also, be presented.

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2 Hours
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Seminar room Tassos Papadopoulos, New wing
Frederick University, 7, Y. Frederickou Str., Pallouriotissa

1036 Nicosia, Cyprus.

Tue 26 Nov 2019 at 6.30pm
Registration starts at 6:00pm
The presentationwill  be held in Greek, with English presentation Slides.

Short Speaker biography:
Dr. Andreas Poullikkas holds a Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) degree in
mechanical engineering, a Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) degree in
nuclear safety and turbomachinery, a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree
in numerical analysis and a Doctor of Technology (D.Tech.) higher
doctorate degree in energy policy and energy systems optimization from
Loughborough University, U.K. He is a Fellow of the Institution of
Engineering and Technology (FIET). Dr. Andreas Poullikkas is currently
the Chairman of the Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority (CERA) and he
was for several years the Chairman of the Cyprus Energy Strategy Council
(both appointments by the President of Cyprus). In his professional career
he has worked for academic institutions and for the industry, such as, a
Visiting Faculty at Harvard University, USA, the Cyprus University of
Technology (Professor of Power Systems and Chair of the Department of
Electrical Engineering) and the Electricity Authority of Cyprus (founder and
director of the Research and Development Department). He is the
Associate Editor of the Journal of Power Technologies, member of the
Editorial Board of the journal Sustainable Energy Technologies and
Assessments and the author of various peer-reviewed publications in
scientific journals, book chapters, conference proceedings and the author
of eight books.

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PDF icon Poullikkas_Energy_gas_market_26nov19-1.pdf