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Citizens In Power
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Citizens In Power is an independent non profit / non governmental organization that addresses the needs and demands of young people through their involvement in civic life. CIP’s aims at the development of democratic dialogue, education and entrepreneurship in Cyprus and abroad.

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Participate in AMIF: DREAMM Lead Mentors and Mentors
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At this stage, our organization is participating in an AMIF (European Union's Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund) project along with the University of Malta, the University of Perugia, die Berater (Austria), Blinc (Germany), IASIS (Greece), C.I.D.I.S. (Italy), and Key & Key Communications (Italy), called DREAMM.  

DREAMM, , aims to develop a mentoring scheme to implement a two-way integration model for newly-arrived Third-Country Nationals and local communities. Peer-to-peer learning events and activities will create a mutual understanding, mitigate xenophobia and bring a social change.  

We are looking for DREAMM-Lead Mentors and Mentors to help us make a difference in the lives of newly arrived Third Country Nationals in all the partner countries and of course C.I.P is responsible for the Cypriot scheme.

Potential Lead Mentors are migration professionals who have a passion for change and want to create a positive impact.

Potential Mentor volunteers are people who want to help in the integration process of newly arrived migrants in Cyprus.  

For additional information about the role and responsibilities of Lead-Mentors you can look at DREAMM’s Flyer here.

Citizens in Power will offer a 16h training scheme to all Lead-Mentors and Mentors in September (online) and all the participants will receive a Training Certification.

A Press Conference will also be held on Monday July 19, at 4pm via Zoom to give you more info about the whole project and your potential role:  


Meeting ID: 856 3758 4576  

Passcode: 757085

The Press Conference will also be streamed live on our Facebook Page .

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16 Hours
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