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We are delighted to announce a comprehensive and free 15-hour course specifically designed for young refugees, migrants, and asylum seekers based in Cyprus who are eager to share their passions and knowledge through the creation of their own workshops. This unique program provides participants with the essential skills and knowledge required to design, plan, and organize workshops in their areas of interest. Throughout the course, participants will receive full assistance and guidance, ensuring they are well-prepared to conduct their own events.

The course is hosted by a local organization that specializes in the theme of each workshop, providing a supportive and relevant environment for participants to thrive. Participants will be actively involved in every stage of the workshop planning process, from conceptualizing their ideas to filling in all necessary details and executing the event. This hands-on experience ensures that they gain valuable insights, practical skills in workshop organization and facilitation, and establish connections with related organizations in the field, promising more collaborations in the future.

If you are passionate about sharing your expertise or know someone who would benefit from this opportunity, we encourage you to spread the word about this empowering program. By participating, individuals will not only enhance their own skills but also contribute positively to their communities. Join us in fostering a collaborative and educational environment where diverse voices and talents can be celebrated and shared.

For more information on registration and other details, please visit our website Additionally, check out our social media channels here  to see the success stories of other participants from around the world.

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15 Hours
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Choose between: “Impactful Workshop Planning – Tips and Tricks” – A compressed course on how to create and deliver workshops effectively, or “Become a Volunteer Educator” – A comprehensive course that includes the framework for creating and delivering workshops, along with pedagogical and intercultural communication topics.