First Phase(As of May 4th 2020)

A. Private Sector

(i) As of the 4th of May, restrictions will be lifted in the construction industry and all related business activities.

(ii) All retail sector businesses resume work, excluding malls/commercial centres and department stores. The operation of the stores will be governed by the relevant health and safety protocols as will be established by the respective government authorities/ministries.

(iii) Public markets, street vendors and bazars resume business, under the terms stipulated by the Health Ministry.

(iv) Travel and Tourist agencies/offices shall resume business.

B. Public Sector

As of the 4th of May, there will be a full resumption of operations of the General Public Sector, with the concurrent return of all employees to their respective positions. Attendance timetables will be defined by the relevant Ministries. Excluded are those belonging to vulnerable groups as stipulated in the new revised list published by the Ministry of Health,

(i) All employees who bear the responsibility/care of children up to the age of 15 will have the right of leave until the reopening of public and private schools. During their absence, they will have to execute their duties and responsibilities delegated to them under the practice of “remote working”

(ii) The same apply to people who belong in vulnerable groups who will not got return to their respective workplaces.

(iii) The return of the public sector employees, will lead to the resumption of operations of the Courts, in accordance with the Supreme Court’s decisions.

C. Education Sector

(I) Prioritising the needs of high school (lyceum) graduates of public and private schools, it has been decided that they those students return to their respective schools as of 11rth of May.

The ministry of education will proceed in due course to announce changes with respect to all other educational levels. Until their full reopening, e-education will continue.

D. Public Health

Within the context of normalization of the operations of public and private hospitals, measures will be partially lifted and will continue to be lifted in accordance to the directives as they will be issued from time to time by the Ministry of Health. Dentist practices shall fully resume.

E. Individual Liberties

Regarding individual liberties and the measures that were taken, the following have been decided:

(I) Daily movement increased from one to three SMS per day. The curfew on movement remains from 10pm to 6am nightly.

(ii) As of the 4th of May, attendance to places of worship is allowed with the restriction of 10 people attending at any given time. The existing restriction on weddings, baptisms and funerals remain in force.

[As of the 1st of June, attending places of worship will be allowed provided that health and hygiene protocols will be strictly followed as instructed by the Ministry of Health.

(iii) Individual exercise for up to two persons (walking, swimming, cycling) in open air spaces, pedestrian roads, pedestrian roads inside parks is allowed. Minors are exempted from the maximum number rule. Parks, playgrounds and other open-air places of gathering remain closed.

F. Sports

As of the 4th May, the use of outdoor sports facilities for high performance athletes included in the list of the Cyprus Olympic Commitee is allowed.

As of the 18th of May, practicing of team sports will be allowed in outdoor facilities, according to the protocol issued by the Ministry of Health.

It is noted that in both cases above the use of changing rooms, gyms and relevant indoor infrastructures is prohibited.

Second Phase (as of May 21st 2020)

  1. As of the 21st of May, all restrictions of movement will be lifted.
  2. People will be free to attend park and outdoor playgrounds, squares, marinas etc, provided that no more than 10 persons are gathered in each place.
  3. Restaurants and cafes will reopen only in outdoor spaces, in accordance to the strict protocols which will be issued by the Ministry of Labour and the Ministry of Health.
  4. As of the 21st of May, hairdressers barbershops and beauticians will resume work.
  5. As of the 1st of June:
    • Reopening and access to organized beaches will be allowed
    • Ports will reopen with the exclusion of embarking/disembarking of cruise ships.
    • Libraries, museums, and spaces of archaeological and historical interest will reopen.
    • Betting shops will resume work.
    • Attendance of places of worship will be allowed provided that it will comply with the strict health protocols issued by the Ministry of Health.

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