Company/Organization Name: 
Laspecia Ltd and Dejano Ltd
Company registration number: 
HE 414053 and HE 454520

My family currently owns the Alati Piperaki Cyprus/Greek food takeaway restaurant in the Metropolis Mall in Larnaca, under the company Laspecia Ltd.

By the end of June we expect to open another Alati Piperaki restaurant in Kiti Larnaca, under the company Dejano Ltd.

Due to our expansion we require 4 to 5 new employees 

Deadline of application: 
Sunday, June 30, 2024

The kitchen assistants will undertake various tasks in the kitchen.

They will be working for 8 hours a day for 6 days a week, with a 45-minute break. A meal will be provided. 

Work on public holidays will be paid with 50% extra of the regular rate.

Full-time employees are entitled to 24 annual leaves. 




Required Languages:
Required Qualifications/Skills: 

No relevant experience is required. The employees will be provided training.