Company/Organization Name: 
Youth Board of Cyprus
Description/Useful Info: 

The Youth Board of Cyprus is a public organisation, responsible for youth issues. The organization has mainly consultative responsibilities, and it is also undertaking the implementation of programs related to youth. 

Training/Seminar Title: 
Job Interview Techniques, Mock Job Interview
Training/Seminar description: 

The training focuses on the recognition of basic skills and useful ways to obtain these skills. Also, the training aims to present various existing programs/services for acquiring these skills (e.g. open schools, training centers for computer use, language learning, etc.) Brief information about the Labor Market in Cyprus will be presented for participants to become able to identify jobs and better respond to job placements.

  • Presentation of various platforms offering guidance for CV writing.
  • Presentation of the EU Skills Profile Tool.
  • Presentation of job interview technics and preparation through role play and audiovisual material.

Date: 24/05/2019, 17:00-19:00

Location: 27 Grigori Afxentiou Avenue, 6021, Larnaca

Tel.: 24822580

Total Duration: 
2 Hours
Required Languages:
Useful Infο for potential participants: 

It would be beneficial to know in advance the educational level of participants.

Additional Requirments: Laptop or Tablet

Max. number of participants: 15 persons