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Oxec Limited
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Med Salt Flakes is a premium sea salt producer, packer, and delivery company.

Founded in 2022, Med Salt Flakes combines centuries-old artisanal techniques with modern expertise to craft the world's finest sea salt. Drawing on a heritage of Mediterranean salt-making passed down through generations, we use solar evaporation to transform seawater into delicate, pyramid-shaped salt crystals.

Today, our state-of-the-art production facility in Cyprus allows us to precisely control the evaporation process, ensuring consistently superior quality and flavor in every pinch of our 100% Cyprus-origin salt. We take pride in carefully packaging and distributing our premium product to discerning chefs, home cooks, and specialty food retailers across the globe.

Looking to the future, Med Salt Flakes remains committed to innovating within the artisanal salt space. By continuing to refine our time-honored methods and exploring new applications for our salt, we aim to cement our reputation as the world's premier provider of Mediterranean sea salt.




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Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Med Salt Flakes

Located in Dhali Industrial Area - Nicosia



Packaging food products. Maximum Weight Hold: 12kg. 



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ASYLUM workers also accpeted as long as they hold valid documents. 

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Valid Work Permition

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