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Citizens In Power
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+357-22 38 91 63
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Citizens In Power is an independent non profit / non governmental organization that addresses the needs and demands of young people through their involvement in civic life. CIP’s aims at the development of democratic dialogue, education and entrepreneurship in Cyprus and abroad.

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EFIVOS Digital Media Training for Young people
Training/Seminar description: 

C.I.P and 6 other organizations from across Europe are expanding the successful "Young Journalists" programme which trains youth in digital and media skills to create an e-newspaper and other web-based media. For you, this means developing a stronger voice, skills and confidence to engage more fully in society. You can find out more about the project at 

At this moment we have immersed in the following activity: Training for adolescents. For this reason, we are looking for young people who are in disadvantaged situations to provide them with the necessary skills to increase media literacy and digital media skills.

The training will be online and will be held between end of March and end of May 2021 (approximately). The topics will be the following:

-Digital media and news literacy.
-Editorial management and how to hold an editorial meeting.
-How to write an article, becoming familiar with the writing style of an article.
-Production of content.
-Report photography.
-Structured interview process when you meet, for example, an artist, an athlete, etc.
-Graphic design.
-Development of online tools, an online newspaper, a magazine, etc.
-Modern image, video, and audio tools.

Equipment: on-line connection, personal computer with camera and microphone, telephone, tablet for audiovisual activities. 

Language: English.

Total Duration: 
24 Hours
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