- Do you own a company which was obliged by the government to stop all works, due to coronavirus? 

- Do you work in a company which was obliged by  the government to stop all works, due to coronavirus? 

If yes, please read carefully the following support measures issued by the Ministry of Labour.

Special Plan regarding the Complete Suspension of Business Operations and the provision of the Special Unemployment Allowance to employees.


This Plan is valid from 11/3/2020 to 12/4/2020 depending on the date on which the mandatory suspension was decided by the government.  


It applies to companies (legal entities or natural persons which are employers) that fully suspended their works in accordance with the Decrees of the Minister of Health and the decisions of the Council of Ministers, provided that they have not changed the nature or the way they operate.


The basic requirement for participation in the Plan is that no employee has been dismissed since the 1st of  March 2020 and  if the application is approved, no employee will be dismissed during the period that  the company participates in the Plan and for an additional period equal to the period of participation in the Plan plus one additional month (except when there are reasons justifying a dismissal with no notice)


Businesses will not be able to dismiss employees for financial reasons during the above period. A special Unemployment Allowance will be paid to the 90% of their employees, provided that those companies employ more than 9 employees and that the conditions are met.


The remaining 10% of those companies includes managing shareholders, partners holding more than 20% of the shares, general directors and executives. If those  persons are more than the 10% of the employees of the business, they can be included in the Plan and receive the Special Unemployment Allowance, provided that the conditions are met. 


When calculating the number of employees who fall within the 90% of all employees, the result of the mathematical operation is rounded to the nearest integer.


For businesses employing up to 9 employees, the Special Unemployment Allowance may be granted to all employees, regardless of their position in the company. 


For the period during which the Special Unemployment Allowance is granted, the employer is exempted from the obligation to pay salaries to the employees who received this Allowance.


If salaries have been paid to employees, and for the period during which employees receive the Special Unemployment Allowance, the part of the salary that corresponds to that period may be set off by the employer.


The period of payment of the Special Unemployment Allowance shall be considered as a period of assimilated insurance for purposes of calculating contributions to the Social Insurance Services and will be credited accordingly in the beneficiary 's insurance account.


How is the Special Unemployment Allowance calculated, provided that all terms and conditions are met:


- Employed persons which fulfil the social insurance requirements 

for unemployment benefit, under the Social Insurance Act, will receive the 60%

of the value of their insurance points, in accordance with the above Law.


- Employed Persons not fulfilling the social insurance requirements in accordance to the Social Insurance Act, and which  are insured in the Social Insurance Fund  in January 2020,  will be paid the special unemployment Allowance, the height of which 

will be determined by a subsequent official Decision.


- The maximum monthly amount of the Special Unemployment Allowance cannot exceed € 1,214. The Special Unemployment Allowance is not provided for any period during which the employee receives unemployment benefit, sickness benefit, special sick leave, sick leave or any other similar benefit from the Social Insurance Fund.


- Employees included in the Tourism Industry Suspension Plan (such as hotels and catering services) may be included into this Plan after their suspension period is completed.


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