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Become a Volunteer Educator
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Are you a young migrant or refugee (18-30 years old) who would like to share your knowledge, skill, story or culture with the local communities in Cyprus by delivering workshops or talks?

If you choose to become a Volunteer Educator, you will take the e-VELP online course (est. 40h) and will have individual support to train you to create and facilitate quality workshops with the purpose to share your knowledge about a topic you love! 

During the training you will learn: 

  1. how to put together your workshop proposal
  2. to develop your pedagogical skills
  3. to enhance your communication and intercultural skills
  4. to develop your marketing and networking skills
  5. how to create the perfect workshop content
  6. about workshop methods and how to structure a workshop
  7. to plan and execute your workshop

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40 Hours
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