Company/Organization Name: 
Adventure Coffee Co
+357 95585203
Description/Useful Info: 

We provide professional coffee skills and science training for baristas, shop owners, roasters and sensory.

Training/Seminar Title: 
Barista / Coffee Skills Training
Training/Seminar description: 

THIS COURSE WILL BE AT The Oasis Project in Larnaca

Barista Training  October 29 - 31 focuses on the fundamentals of proper espresso preparation, covering techniques in brewing variables, milk steaming, texturing and pouring,

This training will not only be educational but will also give the student plenty of opportunity to practice the skills learned.

The final aspect of the Barista training is the cleaning and maintaining of the espresso equipment.

The Barista Training is a 3 day course and covers:

  • Introduction to the different types of coffees and beverages.
  • How to use a doserless grinder.
  • Dose adjustment.
  • Grind setting.
  • Correct way of tamping to avoid incorrect extraction.
  • How to identify and control coffee extraction.
  • Milk techniques and way of positioning steam wand to get the perfect silky milk.
  • Pouring techniques and basic latte art.
  • Hygiene, health and safety.
Total Duration: 
3 Days
Required Languages: