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Nicosia Development Agency (ANEL)
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 Nicosia Development Agency was established in 2011 by the Municipalities of Greater Nicosia aiming at claiming available funds from European or other sources for the benefit of its members.Every activity of the Agency aims at the implementation of developmental policies, practices and actions, through its member municipalities, for the achievement of the best quality of the citizen’s lives in all sectors in its area of intervention.

Training/Seminar Title: 
Information and Orientation Seminars on Social and Legal Rights and Refugee Obligations
Training/Seminar description: 

In the context of the Integration Programme by Local Authorities "Colourful Societies", Nicosia Development Agency will organize and offer to Third Country Nationals, a training seminar in Nicosia, free of charge.

This action concerns the implementation of a seminar focusing on updating the legal and social rights and obligations of refugees. This information will be a necessary resource for smooth adaptation and integration during their arrival in Cyprus.

The orientation seminar will take place on Sunday the 4th of November, from 10.00 am -13.00 pm at the premises of Nicosia Development Agency.  

All participants will be transferred to the seminar by bus that will leave from Solomou Square (opposite Holiday Inn). At the end of the seminar all the participants will be transfered back to Solomou Square. Ms. Maria Malli will wait for you at Solomou Square. The bus leaves at 09:30 a.m

Total Duration: 
3 Hours
Required Languages:
Useful Infο for potential participants: 

If you are a Third Country National who is interested to participate in the seminar please communicate with Ms Maria Malli either by e-mail ( or by phone (22489105) so as to express in advance your interest.

In order to be able to participate, you have to bring with you the following documents:

a) Refugee status or subsidiary protection status: Residence Permit or letter of recognition

b) Asylum Seekers: Confirmation letter issued by the Asylum Service